Ongoing EAP Treatment

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Ongoing EAP Treatment

  • Prices are subject to GST
  • Total amount is $140 for an individual session.
  • Sessions conclude around 5-10 minutes before the hour to allow for rebooking and payment.
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Only available to eligible staff members from EAP organisations.

o gain the most from your Skype session experience we suggest the following:

  1. Position yourself somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed
  2. Make sure you log in a few minutes early so you are available for the session start time
  3. If it is your first time using Skype, utilise the practice information they have on their product to test for sound quality and picture
  4. Bring yourself a glass of water and have a box of tissues on hand (just in case).
  5. If you are in a busy home or office, let people know you are not contactable for the hour. Everything can wait.
  6. If technical issues occur we can work through them together, be sure to have your mobile phone handy.
  7. Always take time differences into account, as your bookings will be made in Australian Eastern Standard Time.