Individual Sessions

Face to face



Staff members requiring counselling will phone our wonderful reception team to discuss their options for therapy.

Your employees will be offered a male or female therapist, they will be offered the options of a face-to-face session at our North Sydney office, Ridge 26, a phone session, or a computer based Skype session. All three of these options have different benefits. Staff are welcome to phone in the first instance to discuss which option would suit their needs.

Staff will be offered a session within 3 business days of their initial enquiry. Usually businesses will provide 6 sessions per employee, however this can be extended or reduced based on employment status, or HR requirements.

Team Building, Debriefing and Training


Our offices

As a small boutique EAP provider, we pride ourselves on our tailor made workshops and training sessions. Our team will visit your business, or workplace and complete our own observational and interview data collection process.

With this information and management input we will then develop and deliver an appropriate training session, workplace debriefing session or team building workshop. 

These specialised events can be run onsite at your workplace, or in our training rooms at Ridge Street North Sydney. Interstate visits can be arranged on request.

Critical Incident Management

A Critical Incident is any event occurring in the workplace or arising out of the course of work that has the potential to cause trauma to the employees that have experienced or witnessed that event. These events can cause a significant disruption to employee’s sense of safety at work.

Management will have two mobile numbers that they can call both inside and outside normal business hours to notify our team of the crisis. Following this, a specific Incident response plan will be developed and put into place as soon as practicably possible.

For emergency out of hours, please call Melissa Hughes 0417 411 110